One Community ADA

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Variable Fee: Low 1% Fee! ZERO at least until Jun 2021 for all existing and new delegators!

Ticker: 1COMM

Pool id: 75f7b7dec6e4c973407a6a64132961635f405f2c3a9ff31598db01da


One Community Ada Stake Pool (1COMM) is running on high-grade and high-availability cloud services with relays in 2 regions (North America and Europe) for redundancy and best network synchronization across the globe. Active monitoring and automated fail-over procedures were implemented for a proficient and resilient management.

We run with the minimal allowed fixed fees (340 ADA) and a low 1% variable fee currently run with ZERO variable fee! To delegate your stake, you may search for us under the ticker 1COMM, with pool ID 75f7b7dec6e4c973407a6a64132961635f405f2c3a9ff31598db01da.

One Community ADA (1COMM) is a pioneer ADA stake pool initiated in the ITN phase (Incentivized Test Network), in early 2020, that also participated in the MC Networks (Mainnet Candidate Networks), in preparation for Cardano's Shelly Era launch in July 2020.

One Community ADA (1COMM) was registered in Mainnet on August 2020, and joined Cardano's mission, to be a plataform built for a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems!

"We are Cardano. And if you'll permit us, we'd like to change the world!" -- Charles Hoskinson

As a memorial of the pioneer period, here are the former IDs of One Community ADA in preparation for the Shelly Era:

Pool id (MC4 - Depricated): 637a115bdb701f53a0d36a7cc8d1f7936541381b57ccd0e261f65df1

Pool id (MC3 - Depricated): 2f648586830e32769f1f9ccc7178d5819676b93799bf416188f7e653

Pool id (HTN2 - Depricated): b6e553bafe3a7e4dbd1c336029fafd820be4267ba725f46af3e67896

Pool id (ITN - Depricated): fc194b89615e70b42cdae4571675c8380f2196a36542ec9bbc72238f1caaf4ae


By staking your ADA you collaborate in securing the Cardano network and earn rewards for trusting with your investments.

Promote Decentralization! Pools with over 63.84MM ADA staked are considered saturated and are penalized, effectively receiving less staking rewards.

On March 31st 2021 the K parameter will change from 500 to 1000, reducing this saturation limit to around 31 MM ADA.


Delegating your ADA is easy. You need your ADA in an official Yoroi, Ada Lite or Daedalus Wallet.

Beware of scammers: Only use an official wallet, and never transfer your ADA to someone else's. Not even a pool. Your coins never leave your wallet for staking and are never locked when you delegate to stake. If someone asks for a transfer, they are most likely trying to scam you.

Once you have a wallet, you need to check your balance, select your chosen pool and delegate.

To delegate to One Community ADA, you only need to look for our ticker 1COMM. However, please double-check the pool ID 75f7b7dec6e4c973407a6a64132961635f405f2c3a9ff31598db01da before you commit should there be more than one pool with the same ticker. Now you are all set to earn the rewards.