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Variable Fee: Low 1% Fee! ZERO at least until end of December 2024 all existing and new delegators!

[1COMM] One Community ADA
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Provider of Cardano/crypto news & updates on Twitter (@OneCommunityAda). Relays in N. America and Europe for redundancy and best network synchronization across the globe - Alerts, monitoring and automatic failover in place!

Ticker: 1COMM

Pool id: 75f7b7dec6e4c973407a6a64132961635f405f2c3a9ff31598db01da

Pool id (In BECH32): pool1whmm0hkxunyhxsr6dfjpx2tpvd05qhev820lx9vcmvqa5wjc6nh


Achieved 3rd anniversary on August 6th 2023!
Achieved 2rd anniversary on August 6th 2022!
Achieved 100 minted blocks on Epoch 302 (November 13th 2021)!
Achieved 1st anniversary on August 6th 2021!
Achieved 100 delegators on Epoch 261 (April 25th 2021)!
Achieved 1 MM stake on Epoch 246 (February 9th 2021)!
Achieved 10 delegators on Epoch 243 (January 25th 2021)!
Achieved 10 minted blocks on Epoch 243 (January 22nd 2021)!
Achieved 200%+ Luck on Epoch 222 (October 12th 2020)!
Achieved 1st minted block on Epoch 222 (October 12th 2020)!
Achieved 100k stake on Epoch 211 (August 18th 2020)!
Pool created on August 6th 2020!
Joined the Cardano Summit 2021 Impact Challenge with 500 trees!

Why Delegate

Support Cardano: As Cardano is a PoS (Proof of Stake) network, by delegating your ADA stake you are contributing to secure the network.
Passive Income: As a reward for supporting the Cardano network, you get passive income from your delegated stake! As long as the pool you delegate to is in working orders and not saturated (doesn’t have more than 64MM ADA), it will render around 3~4% ROA (return on ADA) anually. (Note: In short terms the ROA is bound to fluctuated.)
Secure: Your delegated stake never leaves your wallet! There are two official wallet softwares: Yoroi (Light weight wallet, for normal users) and Daedalus (Full node wallet, recommended for advanced users).
Full control: As your delegated stake never leaves your wallet, you always have full control on your funds, being able to transfer it out of your wallet any time as your delegated stake is not locked.
Convenience: After you delegate your stake, any funds added to the wallet is automatically also set to stake, and vice versa - funds removed from the wallet are removed from the staking process. Note, however, that an added fund takes at least 15-20 days to receive the first reward, so bear in mind staking is more of a mid term process rather than an instant gratification one. (Check this Twitter post!)
Automatic: The staking reward distribution is carried out automatically by the stake pool with no human interference, so there is no human interference that could possibly miscalculate the reward you should get.
Conclusion: With all points above, it is natural for ADA holders to conclude it is best to stake your ADA. As such, over 70% of all ADA available is staked! (Check this Twitter post!)

Why delegate to 1COMM

Proven track record: With +400 minted blocks, and a lifetime ROA (return on ADA) of % (annualized), 1COMM is proven to be running accordingly!
Low fees: 1COMM runs with the minimum fixed fees the network allows (170 ADA) and a low 1% variable fee is currently running with ZERO variable fee!
Decentralize: 1COMM is in the single pool operator category, which means it is a solo pool. As such, delegating to 1COMM helps promoting decentralization.
Plenty of room to grow: With the current network parameter of K=500, pools with more than 64MM ADA are saturated and therefore are penalized with staking revenue cut, to incentivize decentralization. All other operational pools will render around 2~4% anually.
Provider of Crypto & Cardano News & Updates: Follow @OneCommunityAda and have your one stop shop to keep updated about the market and to keep track of the stake pool you delegated to.
Twitter: @OneCommunityAda has a growing community on Twitter, currently with +2000 followers!
Delegators: 1COMM has a growing community of delegators, if you are not yet a delegator, come join the 1COMM community!
Pledge: 1COMM has 402k pledge, committed to support the pool and the network.
Infrastructure: 1COMM runs on high-grade and high-availability servers dedicated exclusively to the stake pool, with relays and backup core node running on cloud services, and core node running on bare metal in a datacenter.
High Speed: 1COMM is supported by high bandwith connections, with 400Mbps connections.
DDoS Protected: 1COMM has an enabled DDoS (Distributed Denial-of-Service) service protection in the datacenter level that recognizes 99% of all attack patterns which is then filtered, keeping the server online and available, even if they are under attack.
Compliant: 1COMM is compliant with Cardano's guidelines for operating large stake pools.
Global: 1COMM has relays 2 in regions (North America and Europe) for redundancy and best network synchronization across the globe.
Peace of mind: Delegate your stake and leave the rest to us! 1COMM is commited to keep the nodes updated with the latest Cardano release, with active alerts and monitoring in place.
Member of the Alliance Stake Pools: 1COMM is supporter of low-stake Cardano stake pools.
Member of SPOCRA: 1COMM is participant of the Stake Pool Operator Collective Representation Assembly.
Pioneer: 1COMM initiated operations early 2020, in the ITN phase (Incentivized Test Network), also participating in the MC Networks (Mainnet Candidate Networks), and was registered in the mainnet on August 2020, with the launch of Cardano's Shelley Era.
Environmentally friendly: 1COMM runs in datacenters with modern technologies such as Free Cooling / Groundwater Cooling to increase the energy efficiency.
Promotional: 1COMM is promotionally running with 0% variable fee (minimum possible), applicable for all existing and new delegators!


One Community Ada Stake Pool (1COMM) is running on high-grade and high-availability cloud services with relays in 2 regions (North America and Europe) for redundancy and best network synchronization across the globe. Active monitoring and automated fail-over procedures were implemented for a proficient and resilient management.

We run with the minimal allowed fixed fees (170 ADA) and a low 1% variable fee currently run with ZERO variable fee! To delegate your stake, you may search for us under the ticker 1COMM, with pool ID 75f7b7dec6e4c973407a6a64132961635f405f2c3a9ff31598db01da.

One Community ADA (1COMM) is a pioneer ADA stake pool initiated in the ITN phase (Incentivized Test Network), in early 2020, that also participated in the MC Networks (Mainnet Candidate Networks), in preparation for Cardano's Shelley Era launch in July 2020.

One Community ADA (1COMM) was registered in Mainnet on August 2020, and joined Cardano's mission, to be a plataform built for a sustainable future, to help people work better together, trust one another, and build global solutions to global problems!

"We are Cardano. And if you'll permit us, we'd like to change the world!" -- Charles Hoskinson

As a memorial of the pioneer period, here are the former IDs of One Community ADA in preparation for the Shelley Era:

Pool id (MC4 - Depricated): 637a115bdb701f53a0d36a7cc8d1f7936541381b57ccd0e261f65df1

Pool id (MC3 - Depricated): 2f648586830e32769f1f9ccc7178d5819676b93799bf416188f7e653

Pool id (HTN2 - Depricated): b6e553bafe3a7e4dbd1c336029fafd820be4267ba725f46af3e67896

Pool id (ITN - Depricated): fc194b89615e70b42cdae4571675c8380f2196a36542ec9bbc72238f1caaf4ae


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